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Galian rapat jamu is for formulated for woman diligently care for their body.It refrehens the body,reduces discharge, tighten up and strengten vagina muscles. consume 2x daily 10 pill each
Bibit(pluntur) is taken by woman who have diffuculty in becoming pregnant.It promotes vertility,it is not recomended be taken if menstrual occour irrgegularly. It is recomended to drink nifas/pluntur first for regular menstruation and then after jamu bibit.Consume 2x daily 10 pill each.
Galian singset is jamu for building and preserving a beautiful youthful and slender figure.It removes excess fat. Not recomended for pregnant woman. consume 2x daily before meals 10 pill each. It recomended to eat a lot fruits and cut down on fatty foods and exercise regularly to get more effetive result.
                Formulated for woman to maintain their health and fitness.These herbal are especially good for the stomach and also provide youthful vigour.To be taken 10 pill every morning and evening.